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gatherings and parties
 sm_victories_sa - (cjel)
11:20pm 28/09/2010
cjel posting in small victories in fighting social anxiety
Also this past weekend, I was invited to a Mary Kay party... and I went. I'd never been to a beauty products 'do before, barely know the girl who invited me, it was at her house with a bunch of strangers, and was going to involve sales pitches and doing girly stuff in front of other people. Sound like a nightmare? I looked at it as a challenge.

It's really telling of how far I've come to note that I not only went, but I participated fully and didn't hate it. I engaged in some small talk with new people, asked a few questions, tried the products along with everyone else, and endured some admittedly mild pressure to buy. I also got a ride home with a couple of girls and was invited to another such 'do on Friday - luckily I have a date that night so I don't have to make up excuses.

And one last thing along the same social lines: we had a church ladies' breakfast on Saturday: I arrived early and boldly requested a large table from the host at the restaurant, which I saved for us all and waited there for the others to arrive. I chatted with people with few anxiety issues and then pitched an idea for church to one lady who gave me a ride to the bus stop, which was well-received :)
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