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 sm_victories_sa - (cjel)
10:38pm 09/11/2010
cjel posting in small victories in fighting social anxiety
At church this past weekend, I followed up on plans for me and my boyfriend to go on an outing with another couple by stopping to ask one of them, when I happened to see him on my way by, if we were cool for going out next weekend. It was a very short exchange, but I'm proud of myself for taking the initiative, especially since I chickened out of the initial proposal and let my bf ask instead. I've slacked off on taking risks recently when out with him, which is bad, so it was an important small victory for me to not be passive again.
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03:46am 10/11/2010 (UTC)
wow, that's big. i've been wanting to set up something similar with a couple at our church but i get the impression that the girl of the couple is not interested in making friends. of course i could be reading into things..

what kind of outing were you thinking about?
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01:44pm 13/11/2010 (UTC)
Taking our dogs to the off-leash dog park, which could be a good icebreaker - we'll see this afternoon :)
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