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 sm_victories_sa - (lucidxlunacy)
10:58am 25/09/2010
lucidxlunacy posting in small victories in fighting social anxiety
I've lost/been losing a significant amount of weight over the past year. Randomly, coworkers whose names I don't even know (there are 730 people at the Clearwater location of my company; dispersed between three buildings; in a variety of departments and teams - it's a miracle I remember all the names just of the 17 ladies I work with directly) have stopped me and asked about how much I've lost/what I'm doing/how it works/etcetcetc. I've gotten used to that part; I actually enjoy the opportunities to talk to people now, in fact.

Yesterday, however, on my way out of the ladies' room, a woman who had stopped me the day before to ask the usual set of questions said to someone she was coming in with "WOW! This is the girl I was telling you about!" and then to me "How much have you lost?!"

Not only has she been telling people about me - but in a full ladies room, all eyes are now on me as I'm expected to announce my weight loss. Thankfully having already talked to a ton of people about it, I'm not all that bashful, so even that wasn't horrible - but a hug in the ladies' room from a woman I don't know in front of a bunch of veritable strangers because she was so happy for me was new. Again, not horrible, but new.

I know I've mentioned a victory similar to this before, but I still get a quiet thrill realizing how different I am now than I was a year ago. A year ago, I would have had a nervous break down over something like that. Now, it's just an interesting story. =)
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11:43pm 25/09/2010 (UTC)
wow, that is quite a bit of attention! good that you are taking it well. losing weight is an accomplishment that i guess everyone delights in.
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