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Small talk :)
 sm_victories_sa - (crystalpopz)
05:45pm 02/09/2010
Brittany posting in small victories in fighting social anxiety

Im starting to think that i'm kinda done w/ my shyness that i've struggled w/ as a child but not completely . I feel a bit more comfortable to be me you know. I can look people in the eye now. When people talk to me  i talk back. I offer my opinions when asked... i feel like ive made defeinte progress since i was a kid. Now the other thing is find friends to hang out w/ bleh. Anyways , a couple  of days ago some door-to door saleswoman came to the door. I didn't feel nervous or any rush of anxiety. I just felt calm. I keep my eyes on her and we talked.. Iwasn't afraid to ask questions about her product and even asked more questions to keep the conversation going :) i felt so happy. I definetly feel like im changing and im happy. Although when i get around people my age like 18-20 i feel abit uneasy..i guess cuz kids are kinda judgemental. well thats it for today.  

~feel free to add meh :D 

mood: cheerful
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10:54pm 02/09/2010 (UTC)
looking people in the eye is big... real big! so is carrying on a conversation with a stranger. i'm happy for you!
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