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emotional anxiety
 sm_victories_sa - (cjel)
05:27pm 24/07/2010
cjel posting in small victories in fighting social anxiety
A lady came to my workplace yesterday to lead some focus groups - basically she wanted to ask us about what was working and what wasn't, so it was a nice little gripe-fest opportunity. I found myself locked in a small office with her and one other coworker who I don't know very well at all, and we were allowed to talk about whatever in answer to those two questions. I found that my anxiety was relatively low, compared to previous situations sorta like this, up until I started talking about certain things that were emotionally charged for me. Talking about these frustrations shot my anxiety up pretty quickly and I started to feel hot and began to worry about turning red, so I would cut back on my rant and put the ball back in my coworker's court. But as I sat back and listened, instead of freaking out thinking about losing control and being stared at, I just focused on both breathing slowly and what was being said. It worked well and although I did glance at a mirror I passed on my way out of the office, I didn't fall back on too many safety behaviours and I stuck it out until the session was over, so I'm calling that a small victory to be proud of.
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